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New Recipes Every Month!

Enjoy 12 brand-new healthy recipes every month that can be prepped with no cooking ahead of time and frozen for months. 

Full Class Library

Watch every class that Kelly has ever taught…plus instant access to all of the recipes and shopping lists!

Expanded Recipe Catalog

Unlock 200+ exclusive chef-created recipes that take freezer meals to the next-level. 

Freezer Meal Pro Members love the VIP Recipe Club!

I’ve been a fan of The Family Freezer for years and was excited to join VIP. It truly is next-level of an already brilliant meal solution system.


I recently stocked my freezer with 14 meals right after I upgraded to VIP. (It only took 3 hours!) I love that 12 brand-new meals come out each month!


I love that the VIP class library of videos can be watched anytime since it’s not always convenient to watch live classes. The way that Kelly coordinates the class recipes, shopping lists, and labels is next-level.


I’ve tried other freezer meals recipes and many of them just don’t taste good. Everything we’ve tried from VIP has been delicious!!


VIP is not just a freezer prep plan for us - it’s a life saver!


Freezer Meal Pro vs. VIP Monthly Recipe Club

VIP includes all of the same things as Freezer Meal Pro, plus over 200 exclusive recipes, new recipes every month, and a full class video library.




Easy and Healthy Freezer Recipes

Super-Powered Search

Personalized Recipe Collections

20+ Downloads and eBooks

12 Brand-New Recipes Per Month

200+ Expanded Recipe Catalog

Full Class Video Library

Cancel Anytime

If you don't enjoy being a VIP, you can downgrade back to your Freezer Meal Pro membership with the click of a button.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll love being a VIP that we will refund your money if you're not satisfied. No questions asked.

New Monthly Recipes

12 brand-new freezer recipes are added to VIP every month.

  • Save Time. Every recipe can be prepared without any cooking ahead of time and frozen for months.
  • Save Money. Search for recipes based on what’s on sale or already in your fridge/pantry.
  • Eat Healthy. Sort by diet and review full nutritional information.
  • All recipes feature simple ingredients that are sold at most local grocery stores. (Most of our recipes have 10 ingredients or less!)

Family Freezer TV

Watch Kelly's cooking classes whenever you want.

  • Full class video library with 21 classes and counting (new classes added throughout the year).
  • Watch as many classes as you want, whenever you want, on your computer, tablet, smartphone, and more.
  • Download all of the class freebies (each with their own set of recipes, full shopping list, and printable freezer meal labels!).


I’m already a member of Freezer Meal Pro. Why should I join VIP Recipe Club?

The VIP Monthly Recipe Club has an expanded recipe catalog, plus 12 brand-new healthy recipes added every month! VIP also gives you access to all of our freezer cooking classes on-demand (You can pause, fast-forward, and add the recipes to your recipe collections).

What does the VIP Monthly Recipe Club have that Freezer Meal Pro doesn’t have?

  • 12 brand-new healthy recipes added every month!
  • 200+ exclusive chef-created freezer recipes.
  • Video recordings of every class Kelly has ever taught! (Plus links to all of the recipes and shopping lists!)

How much does it cost to join the VIP Monthly Recipe Club?

We want to make the VIP Recipe Club super affordable, so you can upgrade today for $49/year.  (That works out to only $4.08/month!) It basically pays for itself the first time you use the new recipes, and we make it easy to cancel anytime on your Account Page (No hard feelings).

Why doesn't Freezer Meal Pro include these added features?

Freezer Meal Pro has a one-time fee because we want as many people as possible to be able to afford to join.  The one-time fee supports the site with hundreds of recipes and shopping list generator, but ongoing fees are associated with new monthly recipes and a growing class video library (it’s kind of like Netflix!).

How does this affect my membership to Freezer Meal Pro?

If you choose to upgrade to VIP, you’ll have access to the brand-new recipes and full class video library. If you don’t upgrade, nothing changes.

If you don’t enjoy VIP, you can downgrade back to your Freezer Meal Pro membership level anytime.

Will you continue to update Freezer Meal Pro?

Yes, absolutely! When Kelly teaches new classes, the recipes are added to Freezer Meal Pro. 

Is it worth it?

The VIP Monthly Recipe Club is the best!!! If you love The Family Freezer, you are going to want to be able to access all of our newest recipes and videos, and for this low of a price, it’s a no-brainer!